Websites with in-built community marketing functionality for pubs bars and restaurants.

Ready2use pub marketing

Ready to use is no ordinary website package. It's a 'Pub Marketing Manager' as well. It's designed and built for pubs by people who understand the pub trade and who understand licensed trade marketing.

What your customers see on the face of things is a professional well designed pub website. What you see are the benefits of your 'Pub Marketing Manager.' Of course no ordinary pub could afford to employ their own Marketing Manager, you wouldn't get any change out of 20k and at that price you may only get a graduate with no real pub marketing experience. So that's why we created ready2use.

So what is ready2use? It's a pub specific fully editable website package integrated with a section we call 'Pub Marketing Manager' which is a password protected area you can gain access to via your website. It allows you to plan your events, promotions, party night's, menus, offers and much more by sending e-posters or text messages directly to your customers. It involves a strategy of database building consisting of regulars and non regulars directly in your locality.

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